Professional recording, mix and mastering engineer and music producer providing services for artists, bands, orchestras, cinematic music composers, TV producers and game score creators.


Blazej Domanski is a professional sound engineer who specialises in high-end audio production based mainly on top quality analog gear and techniques developed in the golden age of modern music.
He has over two decades of experience in recording, mixing, mastering and music production and annually performs recording, mixing and mastering duties in estimately 250 musical pieces. Blazej took part in creating a plethora of albums, especially with jazz, fusion, rock, world and acoustic music, he worked with big bands and orchestras creating music for more than a dozen films and engineering hundreds of hours of soundtrack for television and cinema. His works as an engineer and a music producer received numerous awards worldwide.
Blazej is a member of Audio Engineering Society, ZPAV Phonographic Academy and owns Apple’s „Mastering for iTunes” certificate. He is also a professional bass player, musical gear designer and significant member of the biggest polish bass players social media community. Blazej is  involved in promoting high standards of music engineering education both through social media and through his master class studio workshops. I had the pleasure to work in most of the professional studios in Poland. If needed, I am able to work in any studio that provides proper gear conditions. My offer contains also live recordings of bands, orchestras and grand piano concerts.